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Air bag setup on a 2010 GMC 3500

   This is a air bag setup that we installed on a 2010 GMC 3500. The driver can add air from inside the cab using a on board air compresser. The truck can be made level when a trailer is attached to improve the ride wile towing.

Heavy duty spring install

springs 003       Installing a new set of heavy duty springs into a 2005, 2500, gmc pick-up. The old springs were not strong enough and would sag wile towing heavy loads. Adding the new springs will help keep the truck safe and reliable. This truck is used to haul a pulling truck all over the north east.

Tekonsha brake control

isspro 007    Installed a tekonsha brake control under dash where the driver will not hit here knee on it getting in or out. This is a great controler for all kinds of trailering.

Air bag control switch

isspro 005     These are two switches that control the rear air bags installed on a GMC 2500. The bags help the driver control the ride when trailering.