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Edge Juice install

Edge Juice install new work pics 033                                                                                     This is a install we did on a 2001 dodge diesel the other day. We installed a Edge Juice with attitude programer into this truck to gain some horse power and fuel mileage. We also installed the CTS screen so the owner could customize the way he wants the gauges to be set up.

AFE Intercooler pipes

AFE intercooler pipesnew work pics 026  new work pics 023 new work pics 028                              Some pics of a AFE intercooler pipe install we did on a 2012 GMC 3500. We replaced both hot and cold side pipes on the truck to get the most air flow. The owner said that he liked the added fuel mileage and better throttle response.

One Up Off Road

one up off road traction bars new work pics 011                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   These are some pics of a set of One Up Off Road traction bars we installed on a lifted 2010 3500 GMC. They are fullly adjustable to fit long or short bed trucks.

Stack install

This is a stack install we did the other day. We fabricated a post to mount the stack to. We also added some diamond plate around it to hide the clamps and stop things from hitting the pipe. We also made two rings to mount to the bed cover so that we could still use the cover and it wont rip where the hole is.

Cold air intake

Air box install on a 2013 GMC

This is a pic of a new cold air intake on a 2013 3500 GMC. We are looking to see what the change in fuel mileage is between this one and the stock filter setup. After this we will be installing both hot and cold intercooler pipes.

5 ” exhaust install

brians truck 005 brians truck 006

     These are some pics of an 5″ exhaust system we did on a 2002 dodge 2500. It was a turbo back system that really made a difference in sound and egt’s. The old exhaust was small and did not flow well.

color matching bumpers and mirrors on a 2013 gmc

   Yes some people think were crazy for taking apart a bran new truck, but look at how great it came out. We took off the front and rear bumpers, mirrors, and gmc emblem. Then we sent it out for paint. Wile we waited for the parts to come back we installed a B&W fifth wheel hitch, in bed trailer plug , bed lights, tonneau cover, and AMP research steps. The head lights housings were sent out to have the amber removed from the sides. When they came back we installed a set of halogen HID lights to the head lights and fog lights. When the truck was done it looked sick, and the owner was extremely happy with all the work that was done. If you want to have some custom work done on your truck, just give us a call and we will make it happen!

SDP twins on 2007 chevy lbz

installing twin sdp turbos

This is a twin turbo kit that we did from SDP on a 2007 chevy lbz. This truck has a 68mm, 4094 avnt turbo and a S475 along with some 45 over nozzles from big dipper. We also installed a PPE over flow tank. With some help from EFI live tuning, the truck spools up and makes tons of power. We should see lower egt numbers and better mpg wile towing. If your looking for twins or just want us to take a look at your truck give us a call.

some pics from the Buck this weekend

   Just some pics from the Buck in PA this weekend. We were there with some of the guys from the chunky boys pulling team. Just there for some test and tune before the season starts.

DPF and EGR blocker plate

     Just finished a DPF delete,EGR blocker plate,EFI tuning and a edge insight on a 2008 chevy 2500. Here are some pics of the truck and the parts we installed. We did a blocker plate from XDP a xp series MBRP exhaust and a Edge insight gauge with egt sensor. If you want any type of work do to your truck like this or anything else give us a call. We can help you make your truck run better.